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Texas is still in the recovery process for both its communities and residents due to the impacts suffered by Hurricanes Ike and Dolly. The primary focus of the Community Development Block Grants disaster recovery program is to provide relief for those people impacted by Hurricanes Ike or Dolly while addressing recognized impediments to affirmatively furthering fair housing as required under the Fair Housing Act. Assistance will be provided under a variety of housing activities including acquisition, rehabilitation, reconstruction, new construction, demolition, elevation, hazard mitigation, and storm hardening of homeowner and rental housing units.

The primary objective of the Program is to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the hurricane-impacted areas through the provision of activities designed to mitigate storm damage that occurred as a result of Hurricanes Ike and Dolly, as well as any future hurricanes.

A second objective is to ensure that the housing needs of very low, low, and moderate-income households are assisted with housing in no less than the proportion to the relative percentages of the overall populations which suffered housing damage within the communities being served.

A third objective is to prioritize the provision of decent, safe and sanitary housing for elderly and disabled populations with an emphasis on housing choice and design to reduce maintenance and insurance costs as well as provide for the provision of independent living options.

Housing Guidelines

The Community Development Block Grants disaster recovery program includes a number of housing activities to assist households recovering from hurricanes Dolly and Ike. Housing activities include single family home repair, reconstruction, new construction, demolition, acquisition, and code enforcement. The Land Office also manages a multifamily affordable housing rental repair or reconstruction program. At the end of the program, the state anticipates assisting more than 10,000 households.


Subrecipients must adhere to a number of federal and state regulations in the implementation of the program.

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Homeowner Opportunity Program Guidelines (HOP)

The Homeowner Opportunity Program (HOP) is a Disaster Recovery Housing Program through which income-qualified applicants who live in FEMA-designated "High Risk" areas or areas of high minority and/or poverty concentration (as approved by the GLO) may elect to reconstruct their existing home or relocate to a safer and higher opportunity area. This program will involve relocation counseling, conducted by Mobility Counselors, and the provision of licensed real estate professionals to explain the options and choices available.

  • FEMA-Designated High Risk Area: Areas designated by FEMA as vulnerable to significant wind and/or storm surge damage and areas located in 100-year flood zones. These areas will be identified during the environmental review process for each participating jurisdiction.
  • Area of High Minority Concentration - A census block group that consists of 65% or more of minorities. Minorities include all racial and ethnic population groups other than "White, non-Hispanic (Anglo)."
  • Area of High Poverty Concentration - A census block group that consists of 35% or more of the residents living in poverty. A resident that meets the US Census Bureau’s poverty threshold is considered to be at or below poverty level for the Disaster Recovery Program.

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